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A visit to your family doctor often marks the first step for those feeling unwell or in need of a check-up. Here at our practice, our dedicated doctors are committed to providing quality, safe, and affordable personalised care for you and your family.
In line with our commitment to accessibility, our doctors offer bulk billing for consultations to concession and pension card holders, as well as patients under 16 years of age during weekdays before 6pm. For others, consultations will be privately billed, with relevant Medicare rebates available directly into their bank accounts if registered with Medicare.
Additionally, we take pride in offering Priority Primary Care services as a private entity for those requiring urgent attention. This service helps minimise lengthy waits at hospital emergency rooms and eases pressure on the hospital system, particularly during after-hours.
Please note that this is not an emergency response service, nor is it a government -funded PPCC.
At our practice, we endeavour to ensure that healthcare remains accessible and affordable for everyone.

Promoting Individual Health is Essential for a
Thriving Community.

Individual health greatly impacts community health. Healthy people contribute positively, reduce disease spread, and ease healthcare burdens. Poor health increases illness, strains resources, and perpetuates social inequalities.


Our dedicated team provides comprehensive care, routine check-ups for chronic disease management and compassionate support for your health.  

These services are designed to support and empower you in living a healthier, more fulfilling life despite ongoing health challenges.

Our Women’s Health services are dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate care tailored to the unique needs of every woman.

Our Child Health services ensure your little ones receive the expert, nurturing care they need to thrive and grow healthy.

Our men’s health services focus on preventative care and treatment for male-specific conditions, supporting your health at every stage of life.

Our Diabetes Management services offer personalized care and support to help you effectively manage your diabetes and lead a healthy, active life

Our Team of health professionals doctors and nurse offer a comprehensive evaluation to give you a clear picture of your health and guide you towards better wellness.

If your condition is urgent but not life-threatening our Urgent Care services doctors will help you get the treatment you need quicker than at a hospital emergency department. 

Our Doctors will help you experience relief from allergies, irritants, genetic factors, and immune system issues with our tailored solutions for various skin conditions.

Our doctors will be able to help you with health guidance tailored for international travel and if required administer essential vaccinations if available

Unwavering support is available from our doctors throughout your mental health journey. With compassion and dedication, we stand by you for as long as it takes to guide you towards your recovery.

We have a doctor assigned every day to provide care for people with conditions requiring urgent attention.

Understanding the unique health needs of refugees, our doctors offer compassionate and culturally sensitive care to support their journey towards better health and well-being.

Our allied health services provide specialized, collaborative healthcare solutions for optimal patient recovery and health outcomes.

If your condition or concern requires more immediate attention than waiting for our visiting specialist, our doctors can promptly refer you to the hospital or a specialist of your choice.

There are three pathology collection centres in the close proximity.

  1. Australian Clinical Labs
  2. Melbourne Pathology
  3. Dorevitch 

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Welcome to Hanson Medical Centre, the premier primary care facility in Craigieburn. We have transitioned from exclusively bulk billing to a mixed billing model. Pensioners, concession card holders, and children under 16 years are bulkbilled for consultations. Please refer to our service fees.

Flu Vaccination

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones This Flu Season! Get your private flu vaccine for just $15 per vaccine, with our bulk-billed service.
Schedule your appointment today to ensure a healthy and flu-free season for you and your family.