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My Medicare

Registering for MyMedicare as a patient

With the support of a new voluntary registration initiative called MyMedicare, we can formally establish a contact between you and your physician.

By creating an account on MyMedicare, you can be qualified for more financing and medical services.

MyMedicare is open to Australians with a Medicare card or a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Veteran Card.

By registering as a patient with your chosen general practice and selecting your preferred GP, other healthcare professionals and hospitals will easily identify your primary doctor, facilitating better communication and coordination of your healthcare. You may also qualify for additional healthcare funding, including extended Telehealth services via Medicare and new services to assist with managing chronic diseases. Additional patient benefits include:
  • More frequent visits from a GP and improved care planning for residents in aged care homes.
  • Better connections to appropriate care within general practice for individuals with chronic diseases or those who frequently visit the hospital.
Further registration benefits will be added over time as part of the Australian Government’s commitment to enhancing Medicare. If you opt not to register with MyMedicare, you will still receive the same care from your healthcare providers as you do currently.

MyMedicare is a free and voluntary registration system available to Australians with a Medicare card or a DVA Veteran Card who regularly visit our Centre.

You are eligible to register if you have had:

  • 2 or more visits to our Centre in the past 2 years

Individuals experiencing hardship, such as those facing domestic and family violence or homelessness, are exempt from all eligibility requirements.

Parents/guardians and children can be registered at our Centre if either meets the eligibility criteria and is registered. A parent or guardian must register children under 14 years old and provide consent on their behalf, with the registration needing to be completed at the Centre.

Young people aged 14 to 17 years can register and provide consent independently, without a parent or guardian.

You can register with your regular Medical Centre and select your preferred GP through MyMedicare.

There are several ways to register with your chosen practice in MyMedicare:

  • Sign a paper registration form during your next visit to your doctor.
  • Use your Medicare Online Account or the Express Plus Medicare mobile app to register. Your doctor will then approve the registration in the MyMedicare system.
  • Your practice may initiate the registration in MyMedicare, which will prompt a registration in your Medicare Online Account or the Express Plus Medicare mobile app for you to complete.

The purpose of MyMedicare is to nominate and identify one preferred provider of general healthcare. If you are already registered with another Medical Centre but wish to register with us, completing a new registration form will update your registration status.

No, part of the purpose of MyMedicare is to nominate and identify one preferred provider of general healthcare. If you would like to swap your preferred Doctor at our Centre, just let our friendly receptionist know and we can adjust this in the MyMedicare system.

No, registering with MyMedicare does not restrict your access to any other healthcare providers including other Doctors and Medical Centres. Any healthcare services that are only available to MyMedicare registered patients will only be able to be provided at the Medical Centre that you are registered with.

MyMedicare is a registration system that simply shows the name of your regular general practice and primary care team. MyMedicare does not hold any of your personal medical information.

My Health Record is an online, electronic medical record that provides patients and their healthcare providers with access to key health information to assist with patient care, including in emergencies. My Health Record can include patient health summaries, current medicine lists, immunisation history, and hospital discharge information.

Your chosen Medical Centre and preferred Doctor will appear on your My Health Record to ensure other health professionals you see, such as those at a public hospital, know who to contact about your regular care. If you do not want this information to display on your My Health Record, you can opt out of this option within your My Health Record.



There are no fees or charges to register with your chosen Medical Centre and Doctor through MyMedicare.

We are required to list each doctor separately under the Medical Centre’s MyMedicare listing. If your doctor is not displayed, we apologize and would appreciate you letting us know so we can resolve the issue quickly. Please phone the Medical Centre to inform us.

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