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Comprehensive Healthcare Services

Hanson Medical Centre, established on January 26, 2012, is a premier primary health care provider in Craigieburn, located about 25km north of Melbourne’s CBD. We prioritise convenience and accessibility for our patients, offering a comprehensive range of health services to meet the diverse needs of individuals and families in the area.
Our team of dedicated doctors is highly skilled and compassionate, specialising in areas such as shared maternity care, infertility, menopause, child health, surgical procedures, fracture management, and chronic condition management, including skin conditions and skin cancer screening. Urgent care is heavily used service at this centre.
In addition to our medical services, we offer allied health services, including, Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychology, Physiotherapy, Diabetes Education, Dietetics and Audiology. We also have visiting specialists in Geriatrics, Endocrinology and Psychiatry.
As an accredited general practice, we meet the highest standards of care namely the 5th Edition of the ‘RACGP standards for General practices’ by QPA (Quality Practice Accreditation).
Our centre is conveniently situated across from a shopping plaza, surrounded by essential amenities like pharmacies, radiology services, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, fuel stations, and various retailers. The neighbourhood also features a leisure centre with sports facilities, Daniella Community Health services, council offices, schools, playgrounds, and police station, all contributing to the well-being and convenience of our patients and their families.

Personalised Care That You Can Depend On

Family Medicine

Our doctors understand the essence of family medicine and recognise the central role of general practice in improving health outcomes for the general population as well as the importance of prevention in the general practice setting. With the belief in equitable access to healthcare we have in place an arrangment for bulkbilling to the best of our ability.

Advanced Care

Our skilled doctors excel in office-based procedures, including corneal foreign body removal. Some have valuable emergency room experience. They perform a range of common office procedures including burns dressings, corneal foreign body removal, Implanon insertion and removal and IUD removal. Management of minor injuries including fractures, and wedge resection.

Care for Women and Girls

We recognise the unique healthcare needs of women and girls across all life stages. Our experienced and skilled female doctors offer specialised care tailored to every phase from adolescence through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond, including but not limited to domestic violence, post-natal depression, childhood behavioural issues including contraception. Shared maternity care too is offered at this centre.

Frequently Asked Questiones

  • Hanson Medical Centre is open everyday of the year.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of health services. Please refer to the services page for more information.
  • Yes, you can conveniently book appointments online through our website just click the “Book An Appointment” button.

While we handle non-life-threatening medical conditions and urgent care needs, severe emergencies should be directed to the nearest hospital emergency department.

Hanson Medical Centre accepts most major health insurance plans. Please contact us to confirm if your specific insurance is accepted or review the list on our website under the insurance information section.

Advancements in Healthcare

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive care is an important part of quality healthcare. Communities in and around Craigieburn benefit considerably from our range of health and medical services, including immunisation, women’s health, men’s health, child health, after-hours services and home visits when required. Since patients are able to access a comprehensive range of services from Hanson Medical Centre, it reduces demand for more complex and expensive services in the secondary and tertiary health sectors.

Continuity Of Care

We have a system that enables patients to see the practitioner of their choice. Patient’s health record indicates their regular practitioner and we also endeavour to have the patient consult the same doctor who order an investigation.

Dental Care Under One Roof

We provide dental care within the same building so that members of the community can access all required services under one roof

Flu Vaccination

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