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Dr. King Alawiye

Dr. King Alawiye graduated from the prestigious Queen Mary University of London in 2004.
His innate ability to connect with patients on a profoundly human level truly sets him apart. His empathetic nature and unassuming demeanour create an environment where individuals feel comfortable, heard, and understood. Dr. Alawiye approaches each patient with unwavering patience, actively listening to their concerns and ensuring they feel empowered throughout their healthcare journey.
Beneath his gentle bedside manner lies a sharp intellect and a relentless commitment to staying at the forefront of medical advancements
Dr. Alawiye remains grounded in humility, never losing sight of the profound responsibility that comes with being a doctors. He understands that every patient is unique, with their own stories, fears, and aspirations, and he tailors his approach accordingly, treating each individual with the utmost respect and dignity.

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