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Dr Vajna Rafeek

Dr. Vajna Rafeek is a highly experienced GP with a wealth of knowledge in the fields of gynaecology, obstetrics, fertility, Menopause, child health and dermatology. She completed her medical degree in 1996 from the University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka and later moved to England for further training.

During her tenure in Sri Lanka, Vajna was part of the team of doctors who introduced IVF in the country. Her interest in gynaecology, obstetrics, and fertility began early on in her career, and she has been dedicated to helping women overcome reproductive health issues ever since and was known to have a Midas touch.

In England, Vajna worked for the National Health Services (NHS) where she gained extensive experience working with women who were experiencing a variety of reproductive health concerns. She was passionate about empowering women and helping them make informed decisions about their health.

After several years in England, Vajna moved to Australia, where she received training in emergency medicine and worked for the Northern Hospital in Epping. She then transitioned into the role of a general practitioner and continued her dedication to providing the best possible care to her patients.

Vajna provides ante-natal care and works closely with The Royal Women’s Hospital, Mercy Hospital for women, The Northern Health, and The Western Health. As a shared maternity care provider, Vajna strives to ensure a safe and positive pregnancy experience to her patients.

Vajna firmly believes in the principles of family medicine, which involves providing comprehensive and continuous care to individuals and their families, regardless of age, gender, or medical condition. Her approach to patient care is holistic, and she places great emphasis on patient education and empowerment.

Vajna has also developed a keen interest in child health and dermatology, and she has continued to expand her knowledge and skills in these areas. She believes in taking a holistic approach to healthcare and understands the importance of addressing both physical and emotional wellbeing.

Strong believer in the value of lifelong learning, Vajna has a passion for training and mentoring IMGs and local GP registrars. She believes in sharing her knowledge and experience with the next generation of doctors and helping them develop their skills and confidence as healthcare professionals.

Overall, Dr. Vajna is a highly skilled and dedicated GP with a wealth of experience in a range of healthcare fields. She is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered care and empowering her patients to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Vajna also recognises the importance of dedicating time for recreational activities as means to recharge and unwind. Badminton and literary work serve as outlets for her to channel her energy, relieve stress and stay physically active and enhancing her work-life balance.

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